• Training in radio specialties
    • Hiring courses to be delivered abroad

      Staff transfer for a long time we can get to you. You can request your favourite course, from the present or custom designed requested one and our professor (s) will move to your company and will deliver the selected course.

    • Creation of custom designed requested courses 12

      You can organize groups according to your interests and peculiarities and your available dates and our professors from the Training Course will organize you your custom designed course. We also count on a logistic infrastructure to carry out the course coordination.

      Training courses.

    • Own training centre in radio specialties

      Own training centre in radio specialties: We count on an own training centre in different radio specialties of different kinds:

      • Technical courses for radio specialties
      • Distance courses
      • Language courses
      • Workshops
      • Post graduate courses
      • Diploma
  • Productions and co-productions

    We offer you the possibility of requested productions and co-productions for radio projects. Hiring of radio studies for the production of foreign radio programmes. Commercial RTV has the legal capacity of association with foreign producers for the production of radio designs. With us you have the option of producing your productions with our staff, equipment and studios in Cuba, totally or partially, or hire us the production of your programme abroad.

  • Script Sales

    Radio script sales ready for their production, custom made requested radio script elaboration.

  • Studio recording service

    We offer you the chance to rent our recording studios with modernized equipment and advanced technology for the production of your recordings.

  • Insertion of publicity

    Now you have the chance to include advertising programmes (advertising slot, spot and mentions among others) of your company, brand, product or service of our radio’s programme: ‘Radio Taino’ with a 24 hour a day broadcasting for the entire country.

  • Discharge of radio programmes

    We put a catalogue of radio programmes of different kinds at your disposal that you can discharge for its broadcasting in your radio station and for the distribution in your market

    • Love radio serial
    • Musicals
    • Biographical radio serial
    • Historical radio serial
    • Crime serial
    • Adventure radio serial
    • Children radio serial
    • Drama radio serial
    • Unitary children’s works
    • Unitary varied subjects
    • Tales
  • Representation of actors, actresses, technicians and professionals

    RTV commercial has its own catalogue with over 500 represented people from the audiovisual medium. We put a catalogue of a highly specialized and qualified staff from actors and actresses to technicians and other professionals of the medium at your disposal:

    • Actors&
    • Directors
    • Producers
    • Presenters
    • Narrators
    • Asistants
    • Extras
    • Others
  • Research, advisory and consultancy
    • Advisory and consultancy in communication area
    • Advisory and consultancy in areas of organizational communication&- Marketing studies
    • Preparation of surveys.&- Making of surveys in situ and data processing&- In situ social investigation
    • Preparation of measuring audience studies
    •  Making of measuring audience studies in situ
    •  Hiring of these studies to be delivered by our specialties abroad