RTV Comercial is the merchandising enterprise of all products and service of the Cuban radio and television.

In our catalogue there are numerous products and service of the audiovisual medium which reflect our culture, identity and history. In the same way, many of our productions are oriented fundamentally to subjects of universal scope so they reach the most diverse audiences.

RTV Comercial has the legal capacity of association with foreign producers in any variant or format for the production of joint or custom made requested designs and co-productions in or out of the country. You can also import the products related to the audiovisual medium.


  • Merchandised enterprise from the Cuban radio and television: This is a Cuban enterprise specialized in merchandising products and services from the Cuban radio and television. “We represent the Cuban radio and television system with over 40 years of experience in the audiovisual production which performs many other supporting audiovisual activities and services”.
  • Import and Export Enterprise: “We are the commercial representative of the greatest producer and distributor of audiovisual products and shows in Cuba and we have the infrastructure and the legal background which are necessary for these productions”.
  • Legal capacity of association with foreign enterprises: Commercial RTV is an enterprise which has legal capacity of association with other foreign enterprises of the audiovisual world (producers, channels and television) in any variant with the aim of carrying out joint audiovisual projects of any format or kind as well as joint audiovisual distribution of all products and services from the audiovisual medium merchandised.
  • Catalogue of proper products and services: Through us you can have access to a wide variety of audiovisual productions carried out in Cuba and to all the services link
  • Autochthonous productions: Our productions are the reflection of our culture, idiosyncrasy, identity and history. They are totally Cuban in their conception and final result.
  • Productions and co productions directed to universal topics and for diverse audiences: We possess all the technical and artistic useful requisites for all kind of audiovisual productions and the legal capacity to co produce in association with foreign producers”.
  • A guarantee of a 100% Cuban productions: We carry out the assignment and complete production of varied shows with the participation of prestigious institutions like Ballet, Choir and the Cuban Radio and Television Institute orchestra for Cuba and out of Cuba. Everything we sell as made in Cuba is 100% Cuban.
  • Natural and tropical locations: In Cuba you can find a great diversity of natural locations which in a tropical environment stand out for its variety, beauty and nature. In our country you can find different landscape like natural beaches, cays, mountains, diving centres, old cities preserved in its natural environment (Heritage of Humanity) and modern cities. In one place you can have the location you have been looking for so much.
  • Great ethnic diversity: Our country has wide possibilities of working with actors, actresses and extras who can physically assume any role from any nationality or characterization required. Cuba has a great diversity of races which goes from white, Chinese, blacks and American Indians.


  • Highly qualified technical, artistic and professional staff: We possess a recognized and demonstrated effectiveness in the quality of Cuban artistic teaching in any medium or genre. Our technical staff is highly qualified to assume great productions
  • Specialization of the staff of the commercial management. We have a valuable group of work which satisfies with high professionalism our numerous clients and an enterprise structure that allows us to undertake this work in a professional way.
  • Professional guarantee in the whole service chain: We offer the necessary guarantee to make your production or any hired service work without concern from part-time work to the final result. We own the required infrastructure which covers the chain service for audiovisual products from beginning to end.
  • Competitive prices: Our prices have a competitive range within the audiovisual World market and we are open to precise negotiation.
  • Marked differences in the television contents: Our contents show, first and foremost, identity, a Cuban feeling and the reflex of our reality. We are Cuba today and forever.
  • Research, legal consultancy and advisory: We have our own centres of training, legal consultancy, advisory and research of the audiovisual medium. In Cuba and abroad we offer advisory and consultancy in areas of communication and organizational communication, marketing studies, surveys, data processing and the preparation of measuring audience studies
  • Own catalogue of actors and actresses: A catalogue with over 500 people represented in the different radio and television specialties.